Quit and Enjoy Freedom!

I just amazing as heard from Jurnalisme-mailing list that my friend, Budi Putra, resign from Tempo magazine to dedicate all he has, time and mind, to expand their personal obsesion: be a blogger and personal writer.

If my memory doesn’t betray me, it is the first time for Indonesian journalists resign from prominent press institution for that specific reason. Of course, so many journalists left his profession to pursue their better career or better idealism, and even for better income but Budi Putra’s resignation is exception regarding the reason.

For years Budi has been start a blog and nowadays he is become one of the most prominent blogger –especially in information technology section– and just last year CNET asked him to write in their column.

I heard his name firstly in 2001 at Indosat’s writing competition as I got 1st winner. I forgot what he got, but at that time he still live in West Sumatra and work for Mimbar Minang newspaper. After he moved to Jakarta and joined with Koran Tempo, his career could not stop and so many times he grab prize in journalists writing competitions.

I have never involved in intensive discussion with him, but I know he has many ideas and knowledge to share and his books about many issues could be found in bookstores easily.

Just good luck Budi. Pray for me to have a bravery like you to grab a brighter future and enjoy working in freedom.

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