Soul of Home

I visited a house in Bogor Raya Permai in Bogor yesterday with my colleague. It was my first reportage for Tabloid Rumah after spell years for PCplus. I had made appointment with owner and Mr. Barnie, worker at cargo company APX, had told that his wife, Mrs Ningrum, would find us at their home.

It was a nice home. Mr Barnie bought it in 2000 year and make a renovation over the house then a year after. Mr Barnie had made four step renovation. Firstly, he made a garage and build a new part of the house without bringdown the old one. His wife, a woman with long hair explained that both of them discuss to decide what the concept of their home would be brought about. They choosed to make plafond from bamboo matting with varnish finishing.

To match with natural nuance of the ceiling, Mr Barnie was using black greeny looking of natural stone plate so that it meet with what they want: bring the natural sense inside their home. By chance, the house located in the corner so they could gaze outside where we could find a swift river with bamboo plant and shady tree over the edges. Mr Barnie make a mezzanine for family room where all his fam gather over here to watch television or just for chat. Under the mezzanine is the garage and according to Mrs Ningrum, there are two side she plan to make a little storeroom.

Interestingly, main room for the couple was placed a little bit over the mezzanine that connected with stairs. Room for their two daughters also located in same level with main room on perpendicular direction. For now, main room is remain empty because they still bewildered to decide what kind of room they want actually.

For at a glance, it was interesting to explore more and more about this home so that other family get both spirit and inspiration from the soul of this house….


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